3 Be3ts Dance Studio


"Our Mission at 3 Be3ts Dance Company is to provide a collaborative and supportive dance environment as well as actively develop a dancer's Life, Culture and Well-Being."


Company Overview

3 Be3ts Dance Company provides a "Dance Lifestyle" that integrates life philosophies, creativity, improvisation and necessities of a dancer. These services and products will include:

  • Dance training and instruction

  • Business and industry knowledge

  • Balance of professionalism and heart within the dancers

  • The 3 Be3ts Method; a philosophy which ultimately helps change the mindset of the dancers-in-training

  • Learn to develop a person's well-being, ability to adapt and collaborate, and support others with that passion for dance.

Within 3 Be3ts Dance Company, our members are many different people: Aspiring professional dancers and choreographers, and people who enjoy dancing for their health and well-being. We are centered on bringing a wholly and well-rounded form of dancing as well as attract clientele from our dance community, the dance industry and health wellness professionals.

3 Be3ts Dance Company aims to provide it's members and clientele with:

  • A safe and welcoming environment for everyone

  • A place for openness and creativity for all our patrons, dancers and choreographers

  • Provide the company members with the experience and potential to gain paid opportunities and careers in dance

  • Sparking life and heart into the business of dance

  • Providing healthy alternatives to fitness and wellness

  • Developing the love, appreciation, and inspiration of dance to our community

What are the 3 Be3ts?

Being a part of the 3 Be3ts Dance Company, a dancer becomes the epitome of their "True Inner Dancer." One finds this with the development, maintenance and practice of the 3 Be3ts Method:

  • Looking within one's self to focus on what's going on in one's own Life

  • The foundation and basis of one's self and Cultures combined

  • Delivering a positive dose of inspiration and ambition to who one is, their Well-Being and aspire them to become the greatness from within.

We strive to take a step further and deeper within the mind of the person who is the dancer.
We do this by utilizing the 3 Be3ts Method.
Thus, finding one's "True Inner Dancer."



"3 BE3TS. 2 FE3T. 1 <3 (HEART)."

In essence, we each have this heart for something we're passionate about. At our company, we will educate dancers to excel in their talents and technique, maintain a deeper meaning in the aesthetic of dance, knowledge about the dance community and industry, how to love a well-balanced and health life, and develop a strong sense of self-esteem and confidence.

There will even be life skills in time management, conflict management, and prioritizing, and creating a new mindset of a well rounded, versatile person within the dancer itself.

We take the 3 Be3ts from our Life, Culture, and Well-Being, in order for our 2 Fe3t to dance with passion from within each 1 of our <3's (Hearts).

This is why it takes " 3 Be3ts, 2 Fe3t, and 1 <3 (Heart)."


Started with a phone number....3.Be3ts.DNCR (and yes, that really is our phone number!)
Then, a Motto..."3 Be3ts. 2 Fe3t. 1<3."
Envisioned in 2005...
Officially Established & Founded in 2013...
And Continuing to grow....like our logo, the Be3t Le3f.

The Be3ts 

These are the 3 Be3ts of our dance company. Life. Culture. Well-Being.

A Dancer's Life

Everything from experience, training, creation and dreaming come from moments in our lives. Our lives matter. In the process, we will make those moments count on the dance floor.

A Dancer's Culture & Company

Everyone participates and will learn to share space, trust one another and build upon another's creation or ideas. It is an ever-growing process that deepens the minds of our dancers. We will COMPETE, COOPERATE, & COLLABORATE when we get together. This is the "Round Table" of dancing.

A Dancer's Health & Well-Being

Our dancers' life, health, moods, diet & nutrition, as well as faiths or beliefs, create the true balance needed to open up the medium of a "true dancer." We unravel the "blockages" (and maintain the "balance") in the person that is the dancer and potentially elevate that person's dance abilities, overall health and personal well-being.

These are the 3 Be3ts of our dance company. Life. Culture. Well-Being.

The Beats

This is how our dancers "hack" into the minds and <3's (hearts) of many.
Somewhat a play on "le3t speak", We will entice you with our "food for thought" and serve you some good music! 


Our unique regimen of balancing passion for dancing, love, life, along with knowledge of the dance community and dance industry, will bring you to another level of how to fulfill a positive and supportive dance life.


We will break down the beats (or anti-beats) with knowledge of the music and with our bodies. We will learn the aesthetics of dance as well as presenting connections beyond the dancers and into the spectators. Music will help connect dancers and spectators alike.

We also provide one-on-one piano lessons & music theory lessons. This gained knowledge of what we listen and dance to utilizes more grooves in our collaborations.

The Beets

This is a root vegetable.  For this dance company, it symbolizes the grounded, down-to-earth, active, passionate and healthy people that are part of our company.

Golden Be3ts

The "mellow yellow" beets and the roots to our dancing. We strive to groove into the hearts of many and show a deeper meaning to dance!

Sweet Be3ts

These are sugary beets are the "sweetness" of life and the cultured part of dance. We use this to show you what we can do with sweet "be3ts" and the livelihood of connecting to people, music and what you believe in!

Striped Be3ts

The Chioggia (kee-oh-jee-uh) Beet. The root of unique perfection. When you see the unique stripes of our dancers, when we start cooking up choreography, you will witness us meld into one that is the 3 Be3ts Dance Company. With many "be3ts" made up of very well-bonded stripes, we'll show the layers of what makes the "hearts" of dancers!